Monday, December 7th, 2009

SMS Hubbing

The lack of complete international SMS coverage is caused by the way the mobile operartors are interconnected i.e., each operator establishes SMS connectivity with all other mobile operators, meaning that SMS could be send worldwide only  if sent from one operator to another if there is a bi-lateral roaming agreement in place.

While SMS interoperability is limited to bi-lateral interworking / roaming agreements between operators, it is unlikely that full international SMS coverage could be done by setting up more and more agreements, which consumes a lot of time and money. In addition the revenue benefits for setting up extra interworking connections may not work at first place.

SMS hubbing is a concept which provides international SMS coverage for mobile operators and aggregators by connecting to independent hubs for sending Bulk SMS, who have multiple agreements in place with other operators to send messages on behalf of client operators. SMS hubbing simplifies the sms interworking system by replacing unproductive international agreements made traditionally by mobile operators. As well as this, SMS Hubbing is about providing a higher level of service to SMS, by introducing end-to-end quality of service through Service Level Agreements(SLAs).

It is clear that SMS Hubbing does not replace bilateral agreements. Every operator has the need to establish roaming agreements in order to provide subscribers with the possibility to roam outside their home network. Outside this frame of main roaming agreements that generate the majority of international traffic for voice and messaging, it makes sense for mobile operators to allocate SMS traffic that belongs to non-connected destinations to an SMS hub.

With the SMS Hubbing model, an operator looking to increase their international SMS coverage does not need to manage multiple bi-lateral agreements. Mobile operators can simplify this by connecting to a hub. The SMS Hubbing model reduces complexity for operators, as well the cost for SMS interworking agreements. Mobile subscribers also take advantage of an enlarged SMS reach, being able to send and receive message to all countries and networks.

Ubiquity and simplicity in increasing SMS coverage

SMS Hubbing allows operators to manage a single legal, technical and billing relationship rather than hundreds of additional roaming agreements for SMS messaging only.

Mobile operators have been gradually outsourcing non-core functions to invest on areas that need a closer management of the operator, as well as focusing on areas that have a direct interface to customers. The hub concept follows this trend, removing a costly and complex area of technical interface and replacing it with a more efficient and effective outsourced solution.

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December 7, 2009

Where could i get such sms hubbing system and what will it cost.

December 7, 2009
Bulk SMS

No one sells the hubbing system but it is an concept on which people work to get interconnectivity with those who already have a multiple service level agreements (SLAs) for sending sms if you want to establish connection with our hub system you could contact us here