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January 19th, 2010

Bulk SMS (Real Estate Agents)

Real estate agents nowadays use bulk sms for sending promotional sms. In general bulk sms service used by real estate agents are messages that tends to inform buyers about the interest rates of properties, loan availability, reducing property rates and more. The realtors generally have data of property investors and they exchange information, buyers inform sellers, sellers inform buyers and all use bulk sms to contact each other. provides a very simple interface for real estate agents so that to ease their communication with the buyers within no time and provide them with an cost effective tool for spreading the messages.

Real estate agents could schedule promotinal messages for sending bulk sms at specific time period. They could also send messages in any other language using shreeweb’s websms tool that enables them to type languages using transliteration tool for an ease of text prediction on the websms panel for any languages they select. The message counter helps to display the total number of credit that will be deducted and characters count for the sms messages that enables them to save credits before sending and promotional messages through bulk sms gateway.

January 19th, 2010

Mobile Marketing Using SMS

Mobile Marketing concept using SMS is becoming essential to any Business for promotion of products or services. It is a fast and cost-effective measure for increasing the popularity of a brand and improving its sales. Currently, Marketing department of any company is adopting smart and innovative tactics daily for more sales and leads for generating revenues, so they have opted for an easier and smarter way of Marketing known as ‘Mobile Marketing’. Mobile Marketing using Bulk SMS assists in achieving the Marketing strategies and generating more sales for the products for a company.

Researchers always tend to be on the edge of innovating better ideas. They always try to modify the existing technology for creating their advanced versions which can prove to be useful solutions for the common people. The Mobile Marketing via SMS has already gained a lot of popularity among the Mobile carries as they are now capable of updating their knowledge.