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February 21st, 2010

Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Mobile CRM enables you to handle all your CRM using SMS.

The key to effective CRM is the improvement of your customer communication process using which you could build a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust. A text message is quick, easy and can be sent or read at any convenient time.

Today customers are becoming increasingly time-poor and harder to reach. With the majority of your customers owning a mobile phone mobile CRM is the ideal way to develop and maintain a relationship with them.

February 17th, 2010

Bulk SMS in Schools

Bulk SMS emerging as a strong idea of transferring knowledge between teachers, students and parents. The various option are present here for schools and educational institutions who are willing to offer better helpline to improve results of their student at end of the year. We people all knows what’s gone in previous year in academics point of view. News about to commit subside due to laying studies burden on students, are still hot in headlines.

Definitely the thought moving in invariable manners in parent’s mind about this year’s matriculate- will their children bring off impressive result this year compare to previous one? But to avoid dwelling on the sensitive topic, let’s take a look at ways schools can improve their chances for success in the future through Bulk SMS.