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December 28th, 2012

Mobile Messaging Based Distributor and Reseller Platform

Build your own business with today’s most dynamic and instant profit making business. It is no doubt that bulk sms has created it’s mark in every business field. Wherever you go you’ll find the uses of these technologies at every end. Bulk sms is not only being used in advertising but also in information purposes. We offer great reseller and distributor plans to help challenging professionals so that they can create their own brand and to grow in this ever growing business.

We provide reseller solutions for all kinds of services like bulk sms, VoIP, website development, domains names, seo services etc. we offer reasonable prices to our resellers to grow in competitive market along with the best services to maintain the customers.

December 28th, 2012

Increased use of SMS in the world of Mobile Marketing

In marketing industry SMS stands for Smart Marketing Services. The cost for sending SMS from mobile phones is very high especially when sending multiple messages and
especially when sending to other networks.

Bulk SMS service is used to send a mobile message to multiple mobile phones through Internet. Bulk text messaging basically refers to an advertising medium where the organizations send single promotional information to many individuals at the same time.

Many reputed companies are making use of enterprise mobile messaging for promoting their product because of its low cost nature. The advantages of Bulk SMS services are cost effectiveness, time saving, instant delivery of messages and instant measurable response for the sent SMS from the recipients.

December 28th, 2012

Importance and Benefits of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is more of a personalized and targeted promotional strategy for your business to reach a mass platform. Amazingly from the one touch either from your laptop, smartphone, ipads, etc your promotional message is sent to your target audience regardless of where they are as long as there’s mobile reception where they are.

Now a days people need the sms to reach their clients faster. Some of the companies may also call it as Premium SMS services. With the help of these services the alerts can be provided to a person irrespective of what is he/she is doing. You are not disturbing the person and yet delivering the update and whenever the person is interested, he/she can use the information.

December 23rd, 2012

SMS mobile advertising – Increase your brand value

In today’s competitive environment businesses need to concentrate on creating new products and innovative services instead of worrying about the marketing aspect of it. This is where Bulk SMS comes into the picture. Bulk SMS in India is largely exploited for marketing tasks.
Bulk SMS is cheap, efficient, reliable and flexible. One of the highlights of bulk SMS process is the facility to filter out Do Not Call or Do Not Disturb subscribers.

Today, it is a proven fact that 90% of the text SMS’s are read by its recipients. About 70% of the subscribers respond to these messages via two-way SMS technology. Typically, this two-way facility is used for contest voting, travel & weather alerts and taxi/limousine service. Creatively drafted SMS campaign can make any product or service a hot proposal.

December 23rd, 2012

Uses of Bulk SMS in Banks

Recession in the economy has forced banking institutions and other economical industry to seek different ways in which they can increase their business. With the help of engineering like SMS interaction they are increasing money making. Most of them uses web centered SMS interaction system with which they deliver million of messages quickly.

Mobile checking ability is provided by almost all the banking institutions. The dealings that are being done on ones’ profile is informed to the profile holder by an SMS notify. Previously this web centered SMS interaction strategy had lots of limitations as it was one way-alerts. Banks were able to sent notifies to the clients but they were not able to respond for any caution necessary.

December 22nd, 2012

History of SMS

The first SMS message was sent over the Vodafone GSM network in the United Kingdom on 3 December 1992, from Neil Papworth of Sema Group (now Mavenir Systems) using a personal computer to Richard Jarvis of Vodafone using an Orbitel 901 handset. The text of the message was “Merry Christmas.”

Bulk SMS has many uses, and will continue to evolve, and grow to become an even more important part of life. Already, language has changed, and adapted to words that can be easily typed with one thumb and can be fitted in 160 characters. No one knew how far Text messaging would go from there. It was year later that telephone companies realized the potential for SMS. They failed to charge for the first few years! Originally developed to let Communications companies to inform customers about delays, or breaks in the networks, it was around seven years after the first SMS, that communications Companies allowed SMS messaging between different Networks. No one had even thought of the concept of Bulk SMS from the Internet at this stage!

December 15th, 2012

Bulk Sms Voting for Digital Communication – Connecting people in real-time

In digital marketing solutions in the country is of the opinion that digital marketing tools can play a genuine role in extending the government’s service delivery capabilities. Abhishek Srivastava, Vice President – Sales, netCore, began by highlighting the growing number of people with access to the Internet and the ever expanding mobile subscriber base in the country. He said that, slowly but surely, e-mail marketing is starting to replace direct marketing strategies of the old days and although the digital marketing budgets in India are only about 10% of the overall marketing budget as of now, traditional methods are fast losing their charm for enterprises.

“In recent times, the concept of e-mail marketing has matured to a great degree. Today, we are seeing movement towards e-mail marketing based on the profile and needs of the consumer. Similarly, on the mobility front, companies have realized that simply sending out bulk SMS doesn’t quite work. There has been an effort to make it more targeted. Plus the SMS channels are being used for two-way communication with the help of tools that facilitate rapid responses and greater interaction between the service provider and consumers,” said Srivastava.

December 15th, 2012

Bulk Sms Gateway

Shreeweb  BULK SMS GATEWAYS is one of the India’s Leading Bulk SMS supplier company.    We authorize its customers to communicate between wide-ranging IT back-end systems and mobile phones using SMS Services.    We provide innovative solutions to send Bulk SMS through different Gateway Networks in India  and get the replies via Short Code Services.    We provide a unique, end-to-end, global carrier-grade mobile data service.    Its mobile data service offering includes “plug and play” function licensing and hosting.    We also provide MS Excel Plug-in Software to send Group SMS all over India.    We also provide Premium SMS services for Critical Messaging like Share Market Updates, Commodities Alerts services etc.

We provide API Coding’s for integration purposes to send Bulk SMS through your own software/ website.  Shreeweb’s  BULK SMS GATEWAYS’s Mobile Messaging Platform is capable of delivering SMS services to almost any CDMA/GSM mobile phone.    BULK SMS GATEWAYS serves right through the India through multiple Gateway Network.

December 15th, 2012

Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Mobile Phone Messaging

FMCG services are using Bulk SMS Services for modern marketing, advertising, communication & information worldwide.
This is very industry which has need to communicate with a large number of people round the clock. These may be Customers, Dealers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Vendors, Fieldworkers, Employees, Managers, Supervisors, Drivers, Transporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Shoppers, Purchasers, Buyers, Clients and many more. provides a very simple interface for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) so that to ease their communication with a large number of people may be Transporters, Manufacturers , Suppliers,Buyers within no time and provide them with an cost effective tool for spreading the messages.

SMS messaging is cheapest and effective way of communication instantly to a large no of group which takes very little time to send information on a single click. FMCG Business Sites can use SMS APIs in their websites to make take care of their business successfully. Nothing can reach fast than SMS directly and instantly. SMS Service is very useful for present day’s Scenario of very fast Pick and Deliver Services of FMCG Which is always on the wheels around the clock to supply daily needs, food & Drink items, Milk & Diary products, Grocery items to various places regularly.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) are products that are sold very quickly at low prices. These are grocery items, soft drinks, toiletries etc which are sold in large quantities. The cumulative profit on these products are very large.

December 15th, 2012

Bulk SMS for Airline/Travel

“SMS comes very handy for us to inform booking details, delays, weather info & other promotional offers to our customers!”

Travel and tourism industry is one of them most profitable industries in the country, and also credited with contributing a substantial amount of foreign exchange. Mobile phone has made the complete travel industry into a small mobile phone’s screen where in the end customer can have a anytime anywhere access to the complete travel portal.

With the introduction of new facilities and services in the travel industry particularly in the Airlines sector every day, it is becoming increasingly important for them to look for new channels to deliver these services to their end customers.

Also, there is a dire need to bring down the transaction costs in the increasing per-customer transaction scenario.