Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Bulk SMS for Airline/Travel

“SMS comes very handy for us to inform booking details, delays, weather info & other promotional offers to our customers!”

Travel and tourism industry is one of them most profitable industries in the country, and also credited with contributing a substantial amount of foreign exchange. Mobile phone has made the complete travel industry into a small mobile phone’s screen where in the end customer can have a anytime anywhere access to the complete travel portal.

With the introduction of new facilities and services in the travel industry particularly in the Airlines sector every day, it is becoming increasingly important for them to look for new channels to deliver these services to their end customers.

Also, there is a dire need to bring down the transaction costs in the increasing per-customer transaction scenario.

Event Based Alerts:

The agents proactively sends information which may contains the promotional messages, holiday vouchers, booking confirmation, their contact information to their customers.
Some of the trigger-based alerts are mentioned:

* Online Booking Confirmation.
* Immediate information in case of any change in the scheduled Flight
* Status of the flight schedule by the customer
* Alerts on special schemes and services to the customer

Promotional Broadcast’s:

This is a purely one-way interaction and helps the travel agents to provide timely information to its customers about their valuable services regularly and timely.
Some of the Promotional Broadcast examples:

* Promotional messages on the travel industry.
* Promotional messages by the airlines to the public.
* Alert on facilities and the services available with the Airlines.
* Festival offers or wishes to the customers.

Interactive Services :

The customers can also requests for the information / itenary status for themselves from the airlines and their service centers as well.
The industry will be enabled to interact with the customers through several interactive services and enquiries in order to enhance customer involvement and provide them instant access to their accounts.

Some of the Interactive Services examples:

* The booking details.
* Customers can log on their queries/complaints using short code / long code services.
* The Flight Schedules.
* SMS check in with the Airline.

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