Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Bulk SMS in Banking

Banking  nowadays use bulk sms for sending promotional sms.  In general bulk sms service used by Bankers are messages that tends to look for new channels to deliver these services to the customers also, there is a dire need to bring down the transaction costs in the increasing per-customer transaction scenario.

Event Based Alert:
Any activity in the account of a customer initiates a trigger in the CBS which can be captured and be used to send out alert notifications to the respective customers.

Some of the trigger-based alerts are mentioned:

* Credit/Debit in account.
* Account threshold limit alert.
* Cheque stop, bounce and clearance alerts.
* Daily/weekly Balance alert.

Promotional Broadcast:

A change in the fixed deposit interest rates or launch of a new savings scheme, any such kind of promotional event can be made available to the customers by various means.

Some of the Promotional Broadcast examples:

* Change in FD interest rates.
* Introduction of new savings schemes.
* New Brach opening announcements.
* Festival offers or wishes to the customers.

Interactive Services :

Banks will be enabled to interact with the customers through several interactive services like Balance enquiry, cheque enquiries in order to enhance customer involvement and provide them instant access to their accounts.

Some of the Interactive Services examples:

* All account related enquiries like balance, mini statement etc.
* Report lost/stolen Debit/Credit cards.
* Exchange rates.
* NSE/BSE stock enquiry.
* Loan status enquiry. provides a very simple interface for Banking  so that to ease their communication with the Customers within no time and provide them with an cost effective tool for spreading the messages.
Bankers could schedule promotinal messages for sending bulk sms at specific time period.  They could also send messages in any other language using shreeweb’s websms tool that enables them to type languages using transliteration tool  for an ease of text prediction on the websms panel for any languages they select.

The message counter helps to display the total number of credit  that will be deducted and characters count for the sms messages that enables them to save credits before sending and promotional messages through bulk sms gateway.The dashboard presents each and every minute details about the total messages that are sent today and to check instant balance, it enables to have a quick view of number of scheduled queues and sms actually in queues and a summary of total messages sent for the month, for further details on each and every statistics on the dashboard there are brief details which could be found in the websms panel.

Using shreeweb bulk sms service the realtors get a good business over a time and helps them to keep on updating their Customers with each and every information and earn a goodwill for themselves resulting them in a good profits.

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