Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Mobile Phone Messaging

FMCG services are using Bulk SMS Services for modern marketing, advertising, communication & information worldwide.
This is very industry which has need to communicate with a large number of people round the clock. These may be Customers, Dealers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Vendors, Fieldworkers, Employees, Managers, Supervisors, Drivers, Transporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Shoppers, Purchasers, Buyers, Clients and many more. provides a very simple interface for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) so that to ease their communication with a large number of people may be Transporters, Manufacturers , Suppliers,Buyers within no time and provide them with an cost effective tool for spreading the messages.

SMS messaging is cheapest and effective way of communication instantly to a large no of group which takes very little time to send information on a single click. FMCG Business Sites can use SMS APIs in their websites to make take care of their business successfully. Nothing can reach fast than SMS directly and instantly. SMS Service is very useful for present day’s Scenario of very fast Pick and Deliver Services of FMCG Which is always on the wheels around the clock to supply daily needs, food & Drink items, Milk & Diary products, Grocery items to various places regularly.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) are products that are sold very quickly at low prices. These are grocery items, soft drinks, toiletries etc which are sold in large quantities. The cumulative profit on these products are very large.

FMCG & Bulk SMS Text:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Companies are using Bulk SMS Messaging for :

1. Sending Text SMS to various Clients, Dealers, Agents, Retailers, Wholesalers, Employees, Store-keepers, Manufacturers, Industries to run their business smoothly
2. Making FMCG Websites more Interactive & Dynamic by inserting APIs ( Application Program Interfaces ) in their Websites which enable them sending SMS Directly from their Websites
3. Popularizing their Branded Bulk SMS Sender IDs
4. Delivering Good wishes to Users
5. Arranging BiG Sales Locally
6. Mobile Marketing and Advertising economically
7. Cheapest Information Delivery System
8. Instant  or Pre -Scheduled Mobile Messaging
9. The Best and modern way of Communication
10. Contact your Users directly without any intermediate person.

FMCG & Short Code Services:
Short Code Services of Mobile Phones are very useful for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) business companies for

1. Get Users’ Responses / Votes / Suggestions about the services & products
2. Get users’ complaints
3. Customers need not to pay for sending their response back .
4. Arrange Quiz, Contest via Short Code 56161 and your Short Code Keyword
5. Popularize your business by Short Code Keywords
6. Very Successful messaging for getting New ideas for new inventions & brighter future of the business.
7. Updating Services of  the industry
8. Very important for MIS

FMCG & Long Code Services:
Long Code Services are also very useful for FMCG industry:

1. Long Code Services useful for the SMS Longer than 160 Characters.
2. Long Code useful for intimation of info directly to Users
3. Useful for MIS of the industry

FMCG & SMS Gateway APIs:
SMS Gateway APIs are very important and useful for FMCG Industry for:

1. Making Websites more Interactive, Dynamic, Updated and Standardized
2. Remain in touch with Customers all the time via SMS APIs
3. Best for MIS of Communication for the Industry
4. Very Important for instant SMS Delivery
5. A Modern and interactive communication System

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