Friday, December 28th, 2012

Mobile Messaging Based Distributor and Reseller Platform

Build your own business with today’s most dynamic and instant profit making business. It is no doubt that bulk sms has created it’s mark in every business field. Wherever you go you’ll find the uses of these technologies at every end. Bulk sms is not only being used in advertising but also in information purposes. We offer great reseller and distributor plans to help challenging professionals so that they can create their own brand and to grow in this ever growing business.

We provide reseller solutions for all kinds of services like bulk sms, VoIP, website development, domains names, seo services etc. we offer reasonable prices to our resellers to grow in competitive market along with the best services to maintain the customers.SMS Reseller Solution
The Reseller Solution provides a revenue stream from the resale of SMS credits for any part of the world for reselling sms at cost effective prices to end customers.

How it works
The Reseller Solution provides a way for clients (‘the reseller’) to earn additional revenue from the resale of SMS credits to their customers. The reseller buys credits upfront from Shreeweb and then collects payment from customers.

let enjoy the benefits of Shreeweb’s wide range of products that includes HTTP & XML Api and Mobile Apps such as BlackBerry, Android and Symbian which can be installed and operated through your mobile . SMS based applications has become the most dominant services in the wireless world. Rendering our in-depth knowledge of the market, we provide you an opportunity to become a reseller of SMS.

As a reseller, you can custom brand different features of our services, here you have an absolute exemption on using and promoting the services under his own brand name, so you can keep us hidden from your customers. We provide a flexible solution for you, giving you more power over your plan. Flexibility includes cross-platform hosting, a completely brand- able interface, multi-lingual support, and a flexible interface for your customers. You can customize your control panel & website as your wish.


One Panel for Managing HTTP, XML API, SMPP Account, Mobile APPs , Desktop Client, SMS Plug-in’s, HLR Lookup & Robocalls and many more.


Lower Cost of Communication Global Coverage Mass Communication, Management , Highly Reliable,  Easy Integration,  Payment Gateway, Instant Support available 24×7 for resellers.

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