Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

SMS mobile advertising – Increase your brand value

In today’s competitive environment businesses need to concentrate on creating new products and innovative services instead of worrying about the marketing aspect of it. This is where Bulk SMS comes into the picture. Bulk SMS in India is largely exploited for marketing tasks.
Bulk SMS is cheap, efficient, reliable and flexible. One of the highlights of bulk SMS process is the facility to filter out Do Not Call or Do Not Disturb subscribers.

Today, it is a proven fact that 90% of the text SMS’s are read by its recipients. About 70% of the subscribers respond to these messages via two-way SMS technology. Typically, this two-way facility is used for contest voting, travel & weather alerts and taxi/limousine service. Creatively drafted SMS campaign can make any product or service a hot proposal. The subsequent growth in terms of increase in sales is phenomenal; profits soar, brands become well known and customers form a strong bond with the company.

SMS Mobile Advertising is currently the most exciting platform to create instant buzz for new products or services. A simple text AD campaign can transform unknown brands into instant hits. It is one of the most promising interactive advertising models which is easy to operate and requires little technical knowledge. In the coming years, as this platform evolves and matures, new trends will replace the existing ones, but its future remains extremely bullish.

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