Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Election Campaigns through Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Service was formed with the dream of making a mark in the IT industry by providing reliable, fast and quality solutions to the corporate and consumer markets. We are a leading provider of Bulk SMS solutions in a personalized and customized form, having direct connectivity with telecom operators.

We have been Providing SMS service to Corporate & Educational sector across the globe.At Bulk SMS Service we monitor the competition and convergence in the mobile communication industry and provides advises on strategies that can take advantage of these trends. In today’s media saturated world, businesses are constantly looking for a viable outlet to attract target customers. Over the last decade, traditional media forms such as newspapers, visual media and magazines have become less popular among the masses and by extension, a less formidable way to advertise.When it comes to getting out the vote for any political campaign, sms marketing for election,
text message marketing is critical to any political campaigns success. Using our text message marketing services,you’re able to quickly and easily contact your voters and get vote when it comes election day. You’re not only getting a low-cost text message marketing, sms marketing you’re getting the secret weapon needed to win your next political campaign.

Political campaigns require you to work constantly at getting the word out about your candidate or political party. Throughout the life of a political campaign, from the early campaigning stages right up to voting day, staying connected with voters is the best way to ensure success.
Mobile marketing (SMS Marketing for election campaigns) is the perfect way to support your political campaign because voters and supporters can be reached 24/7 with one of the most personal and timely devices, the cell phone.

Mobile marketing (SMS Marketing for election campaigns) allows you to reach a targeted audience of voters and supporters in a fast, simple and cost effective way.

Choose from a variety of political parties mobile marketing solutions including text message alerts to stay in contact with voters, inform them of news and events and remind them of voting day; text message (SMS Marketing for election campaigns) clubs to contact supporters with volunteering opportunities and fundraising initiatives; SMS (SMS Marketing for election campaigns) polling to conduct mobile election polls; text to screen to make your campaigning events interactive for attendees and SMS trivia to provide a fun way for supporters and voters to get to know your candidate.

Promote your candidate and connect with voters using our services,we can tailor a mobile marketing solution to meet your political campaign needs.

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