Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Why We Use SMS Text Messages?

Why people use SMS to communicate. Sending text messages are much cheaper than actually making a call from one cell phone to another. Landlines today also have the option to send SMS text messages, and the advantage is that you can send a SMS from a landline to a landline that supports this option and even from a landline to a cell phone.People today are also compartmentalizing their messages as they all have a specific purpose. Text messaging remains a functional communication tool, but still with a personal aspect, which could explain its longevity. You can say things in text you wouldn’t necessarily say on another communication tool.

People always found this way of communication cheap and simple. A normal conversation from a cell to another cell phone can cost triple the amount when all you can do is send a few SMS’s, which will cost the fraction of the price of a call and will give you the opportunity to say everything you want.

SMS’s amongst teenagers will appear in the history books. They know exactly where the keys are, and need not look before finding the letter they want on the screen. Their fingers move so fast over the keys and this makes it impossible for someone to keep track of what they are actually doing on the phone. Nowadays it has become much simpler to send SMS’s.

If you can’t figure out how to send a SMS just ask a teenager. When people are low on airtime and have not had the time “top up”, because to send a SMS cost the fraction of the price – to send that birthday greeting will always be remembered because it can be stored on the recipient’s phone.

Another reason why people send SMS’s is probably because in the SMS world they have their own language, and it is understandable that older people do not understand what IM’s are. IM’s are long words made shorter. SMS’s save money and knowing how to IM will allow you save space in order squeeze in those extra characters.

It takes a bit of getting used to. As time goes by, people adjust. Sending SMS’s will always be the first choice, and this is either because they have low airtime or they are stingy and want their airtime to last or they just enjoy sending SMS’s rather than making a call. Whatever choice you make, you will always be alerted that you have received a message. Don’t get upset if you don’t like SMS’s coming through to your phone or you don’t know how to work the thing because you are new to the cell phone world, but instead think that someone out there is thinking about you and just reminding you that you are important to them..

We are at the stage in the messaging market where many end users and businesses are trying different messaging platforms. In fact, text messaging is now being integrated into many applications to enable functionality such as notifications, which adds a new dimension to communication to users. However, as messaging technology continues to evolve there is still no single contender to SMS – we are firm in our beliefs that text messaging will continue to be the most trusted, most popular platform around the world for a long time to come.


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