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February 21st, 2010

Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Mobile CRM enables you to handle all your CRM using SMS.

The key to effective CRM is the improvement of your customer communication process using which you could build a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust. A text message is quick, easy and can be sent or read at any convenient time.

Today customers are becoming increasingly time-poor and harder to reach. With the majority of your customers owning a mobile phone mobile CRM is the ideal way to develop and maintain a relationship with them.

January 19th, 2010

Mobile Marketing Using SMS

Mobile Marketing concept using SMS is becoming essential to any Business for promotion of products or services. It is a fast and cost-effective measure for increasing the popularity of a brand and improving its sales. Currently, Marketing department of any company is adopting smart and innovative tactics daily for more sales and leads for generating revenues, so they have opted for an easier and smarter way of Marketing known as ‘Mobile Marketing’. Mobile Marketing using Bulk SMS assists in achieving the Marketing strategies and generating more sales for the products for a company.

Researchers always tend to be on the edge of innovating better ideas. They always try to modify the existing technology for creating their advanced versions which can prove to be useful solutions for the common people. The Mobile Marketing via SMS has already gained a lot of popularity among the Mobile carries as they are now capable of updating their knowledge.

December 26th, 2009

SMS enabled emergency alert system

Plans are underway to upgrade security in Finnish schools with the use of an emergency SMS system which would be employed in cases such as the shootings that took place last year in Kauhajoki and in 2007 at Jokela.

YLE reports that the Finnish education authorities have commissioned a working group to undertake a risk analysis of schools as a basis for improved security and safety measures. In addition, the group will also investigate the construction of ground floor windows that can be utilised as escape routes and increased emergency exits. Each school will have its own risk analysis in the future which will be used to create a staff-operated security portfolio. These portfolios will also include police advice for handling emergency situations.

December 7th, 2009

SMS Hubbing

The lack of complete international SMS coverage is caused by the way the mobile operartors are interconnected i.e., each operator establishes SMS connectivity with all other mobile operators, meaning that SMS could be send worldwide only  if sent from one operator to another if there is a bi-lateral roaming agreement in place.

While SMS interoperability is limited to bi-lateral interworking / roaming agreements between operators, it is unlikely that full international SMS coverage could be done by setting up more and more agreements, which consumes a lot of time and money. In addition the revenue benefits for setting up extra interworking connections may not work at first place.