Shreeweb is an client-oriented IT services and business solution provider we are committed to provide high quality products and services. We offer cost-effective decisions using cutting-edge technologies. We apply high standards, advance technology and most effective up-to-date methodology to assure quality process.

Apart from IT services and business solutions we as an mobile communiation service operator offers quality messaging, VoIP and internet marketing suites to mobile network operators, IT companies, enterprises and mobile service providers for communication across the world. We differ from other companies due to the process and techniques we use are technically unique which delievers high quality solutions to the customers.

Because of the unique way in which shreeweb manages mobile communication transmission, the company is leading the industry in the provision of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for communication. By committing to strict parameters on reliability, throughput, uptime and speed, shreeweb can offer clients a mobile messaging technology that can be relied upon in truly mission critical environments.

We maintain a unique position in the mobile value chain as the only company to focus its resources on the commercial and technical complexities of mobile billing and message delievery. This focus is significant. We do not compete with our clients but provide helping hand to boost businesses for our customers via custom applications or customized and dedicated communication services and tools, designed specially for the business personals to send sms or receive and make calls from a desktop computer or let them sell their products online without any prior knowledge of internet marketing that helps them to build success with their colleagues, suppliers, distributors, resellers and clients.. Enabling your mobile business is our primary concern.

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