Shreewebs Bulk SMS APIs enables you with an automated interaction with the system that is needed to run your business. Our wide range of Bulk SMS APIs are built in such a way that they are easily manipulated to fit within any system.

Our Bulk SMS APIs provides an extensive developer access via our API connectivity options to allow seamless, cost effective and most importantly, reliable use of our Bulk SMS Services.

Key Benefits :

Interoperability - Our wide range of Bulk SMS APIs get fits within any system providing you interoperability within your system with 100% purity.

Minimal development time - Our fully documented user manuals for integration of Bulk SMS APIs with example code help your developers to get connected as quickly and as easily as possible.

Cost effective - Our Bulk SMS APIs service provides you with the cost effective solution that is incurred for hiring an IT professionals for development of any such APIs for bulk sms services.

Seamless integration - Our wide range of Bulk SMS APIs help you to integrate and enable bulk sms service with any of your application that suits your needs.

World class reliablity - Using our Bulk SMS APIs we ensure you maximum reliability at all times and quality service due to our redundant providers.

How we make your life easy :

  • As we ourselves are an technology company, so we understand exactly what is your need to do your jobs without any delay.

  • Our useful script libraries and user manuals help you with seamlessly integration of the Bulk SMS APIs within any system.

  • Our Bulk SMS APIs account helps you with integration and control for each and every APIs separately.

  • If you have a team you could add sub-accounts for each of them to have control over different set of APIs.

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