Our Managed LAN/WAN services whether wired or wireless provides comprehensive network management solutions for day to day monitoring, supervision, administration, management, planning and maintenance of all activities related to infrastructure management of your networks either LAN or WAN. Our service gives you the opportunity to use needed resource either human or non human whether shared or dedicated, based on the duty, in order to increase the accessibility of network services and increase the productivities of activities. Our edge cutting technologies and tools helps us to enable visual clarity to monitor nad manage nearly every hardware vendor and platform. Our WAN services are available for ATM/ Frame Relay, MPLS, IP and Private line networks.

Our services enable you to have reliable and high availability of internet communication needs that is never compromised either online or offline for business transformations. We also help you to build server that meet your needs and budgets and provide you with professional management support. Many businesses who have internet connection have seen that while downloading large file, or running peer to peer sharing programs, or online voice and multimedia applications the internet goes loading slowly or fail to load. The reason for that is the channel capacity of the internet is limited due to which one tries to send too much information than its capacity which results into virtual traffic jam leading to network congestion. We provide ultimate services for managing and controlling the bandwidth traffics that helps to manage the backlogs and provides with the capability of avoiding dropped packets to retransmit the TCP overflow queue that results in wastage of bandwidth and duplicate traffic saving.

Our managed LAN/WAN services benefits you by,

  • Control start-up and ongoing operational costs

  • Improve company focus on core competencies and strengths - increase revenues and profits

  • Stay current with technology advancements

  • Control technical risk

  • Access to technical expertise in every area of IT, networking, telephony, and security

  • World class performance

  • Scale; up or down

  • Consistency across a decentralized network

  • Data Network Implementation and Migration

  • Network Security Services

  • Maintenance

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Technical Support services

Our managed LAN/WAN service includes,

  • Keeping your Internet connection working fast and smoothly.

  • Avoiding congested network.

  • Manage upstream traffic to allow packets to be processed faster, resulting in better connection speed.

  • Reliability and Security -- Our team of network and security professionals monitor and manage our platforms and your services 24x7.

  • Increase your network’s tangible end to end performance – Network Availability and QoS.

  • Mitigation and elimination of downtime and service degradation.

  • Keep your IT staff focused on core and future strategic initiatives to keep business competitive.

  • Ability to implement and support “next generation products” such as Voice/ Video over IP and SaaS.

  • Proactive CPE maintenance, troubleshooting and fault resolution.

  • Decreased need for specialized skill-sets and tools and subsequent costs – reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Elimination of Service provider contracts and management

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