Our antispam gateway offers you with an user friendly web interface that lets you manage and control which messages should reach to the mobile users it is useful for eliminating harmful spam messages and contents from the sms text. Our antispam gateway solutions is useful for those who are unsure about the sms that is travelling from their end and want to stop such messages before it could be reached. Our antispam gateway uses modern anti-spam techniques. Our antispam gateway offers an action based system for properly routing and delaying the messages before they could be delievered to the intended users.

Our antispam gateway helps you manage, control and have an analytical reporting for managing your own antispam gateway no matter whatever sms gateway you have.

  • Spam count management for key phrase and keywords within the contents.

  • Spam words management for detecting the spam text and filter text option for the same words.

  • Enabling and disabling spam check for specific sender id.

  • Audit trail for logs and spam messages.

  • Action based option to allow, block or filter spam messages that are blocked on the gateway.

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