Our small or medium business solutions helps you stay in touch with suppliers, employees, providers and customers helping you to send bulk text messages whatever you want to run, control, deploy and manage via messaging services either logistics, manpower or market. You could run campaigns and track them for quick potential data. You could schedule sms helping you to send messages when you want and when it should be delievered on the mobile. You could use our Developer API's for integrating within your system whatever your system are capable of. You could receive notifications and alerts through sms if you want it to be monitored and tracked for some events within the system.

We could translate your needs into an implementation within your system for providing you with messaging capabilities that will turn profits for your business and stay connected with your business wherever you are. Our SMS gateway is powered with every kind of technical quality that helps our customers to serve with whatever they need within their system to have. We provide help to you for easily setting up the sms enabled capabilites within your system and allowing your to perform online testing before going online. We publish various documents that serves as an help guide to you for quick and easy understanding of different apis that could be integrated within your system. We provide you with an online sms test account for setting up the system at your end and support you online and through email for required help and problems you need. Using our sms gateway solution you could be assured of delivering mission critical messages across the world.

Using our sms gateway you could deliever your mission-critical messages to any users on any mobile devices at anytime located anywhere in the world which will be secure, traceable and acknowledged for delievery of large volume. You will be provided support, testing and comprehensive documentation for integrating our sms gateway within any of your systems.

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