Shreeweb's Bulk SMS Gateway is designed using advanced technology and up-to date methods that helps you provide maximum uptime and importantly maximum message delivery. It gets easily SMS-enabled within your business for any website or applications you are using with our SMS Gateway. It enables you to send and receive SMS messages using our Bulk SMS Gateway.

Our Bulk SMS gateway has undergone several tests and iterations each ensuring more reliability, scalability and better service for you. Due to continuous increases of our customers base we continually upgrade and update our core systems to handle heavy loads of messaging traffic through us, and provide maximum uptime for our customers that results and promises upto 99.99% uptime guarantee of our Bulk SMS Gateway to our customers.

Our Bulk SMS Gateway provides you with an wide range of Bulk SMS API's which are simple and flexible and gets easily integrated within any websites or an application. Our wide range of Bulk SMS API's offer you a choice to select the best that matches your needs such as, HTTP/S, SMTP, SMPP, FTP, XML, SOAP and successfully helps you to build better communication channel with your customers and promote your business using sms as an media.

Our user friendly Web SMS Gateway helps you get various reporting’s and control over these wide range of Bulk SMS API's that helps you to manage all your delivered sms reports, run campaigns, make payments, receive invoices, add sub-users and have a overview about the sms credits. The Bulk SMS Gateway enables you to select best routing profiles that suits your needs and budgets.

Our Bulk SMS Gateway is connected to 760 networks around the world promising best routing and coverage availability to you.

Our Bulk SMS Gateway help you to communicate with thousands of people with an single click. It is the simplest way to stay connected with your partners, customers, employees and colleagues using online PC through email, web, desktop or system that suits your business needs.

Our Bulk SMS Gateway is applicable in many areas above of which few are listed below for a quick reference,

  • Customer service communications.

  • SMS Marketing Campaigns.

  • SMS News Alert.

  • SMS Notification / Reminder services.

  • SMS Polling and voting.

  • SMS Banking.

  • Tracking and Monitoring.

  • WAP Pushes.

  • Service updates.

Our Bulk SMS Gateway handles high load of traffics no matter what is the size. It is designed using sophisticated algorithms such as intelligent message queuing and intelligent message prioritisation to handle heavy messaging loads and ensure your bulk messages gets reached in the fastest way possible. It is monitored constantly ensuring maximum throughput at all the times.

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