Desktop SMS tool gets installed on any windows based machine and is suited for those who dont want to login using websms tools and want to save precious bandwidth or are much more likely used to applications that will suit their business or personal needs.

Desktop SMS allows you to send text SMS from your PC desktop. Simply download the Desktop SMS software and install it. After you had installed it you could login using valid username and password that you might have got after you had signed up for an account with us and start sending SMS from your PC straight away.

  • Our Desktop SMS software is a simple and convenient method of sending text messages to individuals.

  • Quick and easy to set-up, simply download the Desktop SMS software and send SMS from your PC instantly

  • Desktop SMS allows you to personalise the sender ID.

  • Option to store message templates with the Desktop SMS.

  • Feature that will help you to send messages in any languages that is integrated within Desktop SMS.

  • Desktop SMS helps you to send Group SMS.

  • Personal Bulk SMS using custom messaging services for each recipient.

  • Address book to store numbers of your customers, suppliers, resellers, distributors, family, friends that could be used for bulk messaging.

  • Import contacts via spreadsheets that helps to store numbers within the address book.

  • Quick integration with outlook for sending sms via outlook.

  • Easy online reporting within Desktop SMS for credit left and used.

  • Audit trails for SMS being sent and received from Desktop SMS.

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