SMPP is an TCP/IP based messaging service that could is used to connect peer to peer from any server for sending sms via our SMS Gateway over reliable connection with high availability. It is an ideal solutions for those who want to send heavy volume of messages each month. This standard protocol requires no programming if you are using smpp api and softwares readily available in market. To sign up an account with us you need to have an server that could be made to connect us directly over the given details. If you use SMPP Connection we can guarantee you an quality service but before that your server needs to undergo an smpp test with us to make sure the protocols are tailored very well from both the ends.

What you can do when you connect via SMPP:

  • SMPP connection supports text, unicode, wap push, binary SMS and flash messaging.

  • Supports concatenated and long text messages.

  • Support for sending ringtones and logos via our server.

  • VCard and VCal support.

  • Unified messaging capability.

  • Real time delivery receipts and self serviced sender ID configuration.

  • Support for two-way messaging.

  • Your connection goes platform independent using smpp connection.

  • High availability to your customers via our SMS Gateway.

i) MT-SMS (Mobile Terminated SMS)

MT-SMS is an GSM capability of delivering SMS from SC to MS using store and forward technology where if mobile is available it is delievred or in case if it is unavailable it is store for later delivery. Each MT-SMS gets an delivery receipt for delivered or failed messages.

Our MT-SMS service is highly reliable, efficient and cost effective tool for sending direct SMS connected to 760 networks all over the world. It could be used by enterprises, media channels, mobile operators, MVNOs, content providers, aggregators or resellers.

MT-SMS is applied in many applications and is opened for any vertical market segment but is mostly used for bulksms and alert services. MT-SMS provides an immediate transmission of text messages directly to mobile subscribers from service centre. We retain clarity and control of each messages sent through us because of our advanced technologies and best infrastructure across the world.

Using our MT-SMS service you enable yourself with features,

  • Bulk SMS Services.

  • Direct SMS Gateway.

  • SMS Chat.

  • Notifications and alerts.

  • SMS enabled applications and systems.

  • Email to SMS applications or SMS to email applications.

  • Inquiries and information retrieval using MT-SMS

ii) MO-SMS (Mobile Originated SMS)

MO-SMS is an GSM capability of sending message from M to an SME via an SC and provides information to MS about delievery or failure of the message. It also uses the same technology of storing and forwarding the MO-SMS to SME.

It enables service providers to receive MO-SMS messages from subscribers within an application for marketing campaigns, polling, voting, SMS chat services or product promotions.

It enables highly reliable and scalable platform for content providers, enterprises, resellers, media channels, mobile operators and MVNOs to receive messages through SMS-MO service interface. Our advanced technology again help us to have a visual clarity for MO-SMS being received and delievered to an SME having us to have full control over each MO-SMS.

Using our MO-SMS service you enable yourself with features,

  • Voting and polling.

  • Two way communications.

  • Interactive services using MO-SMS.

  • Feedbacks, campaigns and promotions for the products.

  • SMS to email applications

  • SMS Chat services

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