SMS campaigning is done basically for short and immediate goals, which is cost effective and lets you capture data automatically. SMS Campaigns help you to generates direct revenue and provides new oppurtunities for businesses. Our Bulk SMS Gateway allows you to perform SMS Campaignings that performs the automated task for you.Our interactive SMS Campaigning system helps you to plan, create, suggests, and keeps the track of running campaigns.

Few of the features could be seen below that is provided within the SMS Campaigning web tool,

  • Accessiblility - It could be accessed from anywhere around the globe via internet.

  • Quick Setup - Buy SMS online and start running SMS Campaigns from anywhere.

  • User Friendly - Simple to use, no training required.

  • Used for - It is ideal for running SMS Campaigns that helps to achieve short term goals and generate valuable data.

  • Delivery tracking – Shows when SMS was delivered to the handset

  • Audit trail – Records all messages sent, enables easy reporting.

  • Tracking - Tracking possible via data collected online through configured keywords.

  • Other features- It supports customised sender IDs, language based messaging, long messaging, template selection, scheduling and much more.

  • Opt-in and Opt-out features are included.

  • Customized online reporting on the basis of collected data similar to analytics.

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