Shreeweb is a well-known diverse offshore service provider that offers consistent and quality custom software solutions for catering changing business needs. Our services include Custom Software Development , Enterprise .Net Solutions, Offshore Product Development, Offshore Application Development, Business Consulting services to help improve the key processes of the businesses in turn to maximize the ROI. Our reliable and cost-effective solutions help all companies ranging from small to medium enterprises to get the leverage of our in-depth industry knowledge and valuable experience.

Our team of talented Software professionals, engineers and developers aim to provide you with software solutions par excellence using latest technology and superior management skills by reducing the functional bottlenecks enabling reduction in time and and resources spent for business process. What makes us ahead of other software product development service providers is our expertise and professionalism in assessing the exact requirements, using adequate resources & technologies, careful code generation, a strict testing procedures which are followed by regular maintenance activities. We not only design an effective solution but we give optimal value to client companies who trust our capabilities completely. We enable to automate the manual business process thereby improving the business process to make it more cost effective and efficient that helps you to attain your business goals and objectives faster. We have got partners across the world so we feel extremely comfortable working within different timezones.

Offshore software solutions are a unique way to keep pace with the changing technology and changing requirements with growing customer needs. Our cost effective software development models are developed based on customers requirement providing them custom oriented software development services. It is not a single-handed process. It includes inputs from the customers from definition to designing that helps to ensure successful development and deployment in relevant field

Our software development solutions is carried out through different development phases that results in the software products for our customers. We cover a wide range of solutions for our customers that includes research, re-development, new development, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, support and documentation for any software related products. Our software development packages are implemented using design patterns that help us to provide changing requirements of our customers without affecting other parts of the code within a short span of time.

There are several approaches to develop an software products such as an structured approach, object oriented approach, engineering based approach or an incremental approach where the products get evolved over a time and is developed piece by piece but every methodologies share some common principles for software development that are also considered as software development lifecycle such as,

  • Gathering Requirements on the proposed solution.

  • Analyzing the problem.

  • Designing the plan and architecture of the product.

  • Implementation of code based on designs.

  • Testing of the developed software packages on different environments.

  • Deployment.

  • Maintenance, bug fixing and support.

We deliver quality products, services and solutions, as per your business perspective. It includes defining of feature list, modules, test plans, and module delivery schedules, along with proper documentation and report format. The resources, technology, and development methodologies, are leveraged to optimize client benefit.

We turn project concepts into reality by anlyzing the project, defining its goals, planning a detail roadmap for the goals to achieve those goals. Our rigorous methodology of analyzing, defining, desgining and implementing software projects helps us to deliever our customers with ”best-in-quality” software services and solutions.

As a software development company our offerings include a lot out of which few are,

  • Inventory Management System - We offer bespoke inventory control and management system.

  • Payroll Management System - Bespoked Payroll management and personal management software system.

  • Shopping Cart Solution – We offer Advanced shopping cart with customized integrations.

  • Merchant Account Solution - Complete Merchant account solutions for Credit/Debit card processing solution with payment gateway integration and internet merchant account websites.

  • ERP Software Application - Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning software system and application tools.

  • CRM Software Development - Customized Customer Relationship Management solution for improving customer-client relationship.

  • Supply Chain Management - Customized supply chain management software solution.

  • Desktop Applications - Shreeweb offers advanced and customized desktop application software in minimal costs.

  • Web Applications - Shreeweb offers advanced and custom web application solutions at very minimal costs.

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