Our VoIP Gateway enables you with an interface to stay connected with your business partners, suppliers/ service providers, colleagues, employees, friends or family through our gateway which is used for real time media transmission of the voice packets over the internet. It provides an interface between analog POTS phones, legacy PBXs, FAX machines, PSTN and packet switched network. It is ideal for those users who want to stay connected for their business transformation needs and want to use modern telephony technology to save money that is paid for PSTN bills for long distance calling, tele marketing, conferencing, faxing or discussing over a long period with the customers or colleagues. It is used to modernize the needs of the enterprises by replacing old PSTN based PBX systems with an IVR systems.

Whatever your needs are either home based or you are an enterprise, our VoIP gateway enables you to use your communication channels across the world to keep communicating over the internet for more effective business. Our wide range of products enables you with an reliable communication over internet to any PSTN or Mobile phones.

Our VoIP Gateway quality products enable you to communicate over internet without even being an VoIP expert. Our products are very much user friendly and lets you perform automated calling tasks with an ease. Our VoIP gateway enables businesses to replace regular telephones to IP PBX system to make and receive calls that are located geographically distant. It helps to bridge conferencing between two or more numbers using which you could save a lot of money. It could be made to act as an IVR server for the products and services that are being offered by your industry and simultaneously could be made to act as an Call Center ACD system for distributing calls within your customer service departments. It could be made to record important calls as per your needs if you are away or out of town which could be heard later. It could be made to act as an speech server and broadcast your pre-recorded speech over many numbers. It helps you to place single, group or bulk calls, using internet enabled pc, it allows you to schedule and upload prerecorded voice messages that lets you generate automated sales lead for callbacks from the mobile users.

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