Our SIP/IAX trunking technology allows you to have peer to peer connection with us for transferring calls from our server for customers you have or to access an outbound calls to your server from our server. It allows you to have concurrent calling lines opened for inbound and outbound calls from our server and share the revenue with us. Our network capabilities allows us to open multiple channels and provide reliable connectivity for you. We had an secure firewall monitored by automated programs that help us to provide all network access logs for inbound calls and outbound calls being accessed from our server.

Using our SIP/IAX trunking you could develop your own web and desktop based VoIP products for personal and business uses either for serving an customer service center or to run an IVR platform for your customers. Our VoIP Gateway low cost calling services you will be able to resell the calling time to your customers anywhere around the world. It will help you manage your business effectively and more efficiently with our web based business management billing and reporting tools that will help you to have all the audit logs about the inward calls and outward calls from our server and duration for each and every calls. The details will provide you the surity of the billing that is being made for you. To setup an SIP/IAX trunking with us you should have your own SIP server so that it could be configured for point to point reliable connectivity.

Configuration parameters for SIP/ IAX trunking will be as follows,


Outbound Calling
username=ACCOUNT ID
secret=PIN ID

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