IVR in short Interactive Voice Response helps to automate the interaction with the telephone callers by providing them different menu options that could be used to retrieve information such a bank balances, flight schedules or any product details and related information to that. Our Web IVR system automates the traditional phone calling system by providing you user friendly web control panel for managing how calls will be routed and interacted and what menu actions should be played and which menu voice options should be played on each actions simultaneously allowing you to configure an http api for processing and fetching the data required by the caller that is converted using our custom text to speech program for playing the data provided from your server.

IVR platform is deployed with significant caller usability and back end integration. IVR helps your users by replacing old traditional phone systems with and IVR platforms that reduces your costs, delievers improved ROI and delievers better infrastructure for support and service desk for your products. Our IVR platforms provides you with an comprehensive, valuable and easy to use solutions for enterprise customers, channel partners and developers with an promise to increase your productivity and quality of products.

Few of our Web IVR features listed to show you how it could be helpful for an enterprise,

  • Accessibility - It could be configured from anywhere around the world using internet enabled PC.

  • Coverage - We cover each and every network around the world so you could have your own IVR system running anywhere around the world which saves a lot of money that is being payed to the mobile operators for signing up for any numbers with them.

  • User friendly - An user friendly web control panel helps you to monitor and control the calls to your end without being an expert VoIP.

  • Call Flow - An easy to use interface that helps you to input, transfer and make decisions for the calls from the customers.

  • Integration - Easy to integrate within any online applications or systems to run the business.

  • Call Recording - Recording for each calls that were placed from the customers for some data.

  • Audit trails - Logs for each calls that were made to the IVR system.
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