Our content management solutions help you to manage your static or dynamic content online from anywhere around the world enabling you with quick delivery of content rich websites which are streamlined for web publishing process. Our wide range of CMS solutions help you to manage your content and graphics appropriately. It helps you to store the content at centralized location, separated from the design template and creative presentation that ease the process of formatting and editing the content anytime from anywhere on the website. It saves you a lot of money that is paid to web designing company for changing content and graphics for your website. It enables your online web presence for your customers and search engines if you keep on adding or updating your content and graphics regularly. It helps you to drive more traffic for your website and an influence in making good business.

Due to changing business needs the content on the website could not be static so we provide you with the best edge cutting CMS solutions for your website as an most effective communication tool which gives you way ahead in your competition and gives an impression of a forward thinking company by building online and effective brand image for your business. Our CMS solutions offerings are used to build applications for corporate sites, microsites, web portals, eCommerce sites, blogs, forums, online communities, intranet or extranets which allows you to have full control of the content on the website without affecting the actual layout of the site. It allows you to add, update or delete new pages quickly without going to any web designing company. It enables you to uploads documents, pictures and links within the websites and allows you to format the web page instantly. It enables you to manage news, product, document, portfolio and events for your company websites and much more control for your website that creates your leadership within the online market.

Key Benefits :

  • Streamlined authoring process to control and manage the contents and graphics.

  • Faster turn-around time for new pages and changes.

  • Increased consistency of content and its reuse

  • Easy and Improved Site Navigation.

  • Improved site flexibility.

  • Support for decentralised authoring and publishing.

  • High and improved security.

  • Lessens the duplication of content.

  • Increased capacity for growth.

  • Increased number of visitors.

  • Lowers the maintenance cost for the websites.

Key Features :

  • Rich text editor with WYSIWYG Interface.

  • Completely database driven site engines.

  • Unlimited users, authors, publishers, & administrators for site management.

  • User friendly web control panel.

  • Streamline time-consuming business processes

  • Fully customizable templates and layouts including left, center and right menu boxes.

  • User access control.

  • User content activation control feature.

  • Default Meta (Page Title, HREF Title, Bullet ALT, Meta Title, Meta Key, Meta Description, Meta Distribution, Meta Rating, Meta Language, Meta Author, Meta Copyright) Configuration Preference for all the New File Creation.

  • Formatting, listing and hyperlinking are quite easy.

  • Abilities to have controls font type, different colors, size, formatting scripts (Bold, Italics, and Underline etc).

  • Review content before publishing

  • Track and manage multiple versions of a single instance of content.

  • My SQL Database Download Facility for taking backup of all your Website Data and Tables to your Desktop Computer.

  • Runs on both Linux and Windows Servers

  • Flexibility to Create Unlimited Categories in Our Content Management System (CMS)

  • Flexibility to Create Unlimited Pages in our Content Management System (CMS)

  • Complete Website Page Extension Modification Flexibility (.html / .xml / .php / .aspx / .asp etc.)

  • CSS Customization for the Complete Website

  • Published On Date and Never Publish Content Document Identification.

  • User Activity Tracking including IP Address from the Login and Logout

  • Content Approval by Mentor & Administrator Only.

  • Session based Security with Login by Random Security Code Image Validation

  • Email and newsletter feature for sending mails to the website users.

  • Can process content in any form - text documents, images, videos, pdf files, presentations etc.,

  • Add on components like quizzes, polls, banner management, carts and latest news.

  • Easy integration with any third party application.

  • Advanced workflow management control.

  • Simple and advanced search functionality.

  • Image Upload & Management with the Search Features.

  • Compatible to all the browsers.

  • Easy RSS Feed Management.

  • Digital asset management such as microsoft word, ms excel, PDF documents, videos, images etc.,

  • Multilingual support

  • Collaborate new contents or recent updates.

  • Quick and easy reorganization of old archives and updates.

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