Our web call enables you to make quick calls, upload bulk numbers with an pre-recorded voice to broadcast them later that will be played and heard by many of the mobile users for advertising or notification purposes, receive a callback data for the mobile users who are interested. It is quick and lets you generate quick sales lead providing necessary information to the users with an pre-recorded messages without even disturbing them. It provides you with an option to store online address book and make group calls from the address book.

It helps businesses to place a new call or upload bulk numbers with pre-recorded voice for placing calls from anywhere around the world from an internet enabled pc. It is an very easy to use product for making calls online to group, family or friends.

  • Accessible from any online computer

  • No software to download, no integration needed.

  • Web Call is quick to set up, you can even set up your own account online.

  • Buy credits online and you can start placing calls.

  • Web Call is user friendly application and is simple to use and hence no training is required.

  • It's ideal for voice broadcasting, simply upload and send.

  • Powerful tool for placing single and group calls

  • Audit trail – records all calls placed, minutes each call was played or placed, enables easy reporting

  • Log for the placed calls and call backs.

  • Provides features for scheduling calls, storing voice templates as an pre-recorded voice later that could be used.

  • Easy text to speech interface for placing calls via text upload.

  • It is perfect for small and medium businesses as it makes it simple for you to market and manage instantly with your customers, suppliers, resellers, or distributors and keep in touch with your employee or colleagues, send them alerts for offers, deals, meetings or changes to arrangements.

  • It is an online tools to monitor and analyze your campaigns and download the leads online.

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