XML is an ideal solution if you want to simply integrate and send sms via legacy systems through our SMS Gateway. It provides scalability and interoperability among different systems and provides all other features as other APIs without being language dependent.

What you can do when you connect using XML:

  • XML APIs supports Text messages, Unicode, Binary SMS and Flash messaging.

  • It gives you support for concatenated and long sms messages.

  • It gives you support for sending WAP Pushes.

  • It gives you support for concatenated and long messages.

  • You could send ringtone and logos using our converter in the correct format.

  • You could send VCal and VCard using our converters via SMPP Gateway.

  • Delievery acknowledgement could be setup.

  • Sender ID could be setup

  • You can set up batch sending.

  • You could use HTTP(S), SMPP or FTP for receiving sms.
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