HTTP/S provides just about the simplest way of programming your connection to broadcast text messages via our Bulk SMS Gateway. It is an idea solution if you need to run your own BUlLK SMS Website or if you need to overcome a firewall problem HTTP/S is almost certainly your best solution.

Key Features via HTTP/S :

  • HTTP/S connection supports Text, Unicode, Binary SMS and Flash messaging like all of our other APIs.

  • It gives you support for extended length messages ie long messages.

  • You could use our ringtone and logo converter for converting in correct format that could be found in download area.

  • VCard and VCal converters could be found in download area for converting them in correct format.

  • Delivery acknowledgement could be set to yes/no.

  • Sender ID could be setup.

  • You can set up batch sending and two-way messaging.
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