At shreeweb we provide Bulk SMS Service worldwide majorly at India, UK, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, that enables you to send and receive text messages on any mobile operators across the globe. Our Bulk SMS Gateway provides you with an wide range of sms products that enables you to send and receive sms anywhere in the world. We provide connectivity to send and receive sms using SMPP Connection, Web SMS, Desktop SMS or Bulk SMS API's designed to suit any of your programming languages. Using our Bulk SMS HTTP API connection you could send sms from any of your legacy applications or systems that helps you to build trust between you and your customers and keep them engage with your products and services being offered at the same time helping you to gain new customers for your business. Using our Bulk SMS Gateway we could gurantee you 99.99% uptime gurantee for sending sms across the world.

Bulk SMS Service

We provide Bulk SMS Service that enables you to send bulk messsages which includes text, unicode, wap push, long text over multiple destinations within a very short time frame. Shreeweb's Bulk SMS Service provides you the cheapest way of communicating with the mobile users for sms marketing or sms advertising for promotion of your products or services being offered by you. Using our Bulk SMS Service you could achieve short term goals for your products and services through our Bulk SMS Gateway which could be targeted geographically as well as locally, even it could be based on your survey or marketing reports whatever data you have to achieve your goals for your products or services within a very short time period.

Bulk SMS Features

Our Bulk SMS Gateway provides you a lot of features to run bulk SMS Campaigns which includes,

  • Long Text Messages
  • Unicode Messages
  • WAP Push
  • Binary SMS
  • Flash SMS
  • Phonebook / Addressbook
  • Group Messaging
  • Reminder SMS
  • Alert SMS
  • Online Delievery Reports
  • Unlimited Sender IDs

Bulk SMS Applications

Bulk SMS is used for targeting massive recipients to generate achieve instant goals for the company. Sending mass sms at instant speed within short time helps you to reach a large number of audiences and make new customers as well. Bulk SMS is used by media companies, banks, enterprises and governments for sending mass notifications, alerts and is used for promoting services and products being offered by you. It is used for campaigning, surveying and for polling depending on the nature of sms services you like to have for your business for promoting or gathering the data from the mobile users. Bulk SMS is widely used in stock markets, commodity market, logistics, automobile industries, tours and travel, news channel, entertaintment industry, sports, political campaigns, insurance company's, new product launches, event promotions, market research and many more.

Bulk SMS Products

Our Bulk SMS products which are used for sending and receiving bulk text messages includes Web SMS, Desktop SMS, SMPP Connection and SMS API for developers. Our wide range of Bulk SMS API gets easily integrated within any of your legacy applications developed under VB.Net, PHP, C#, XML, SOAP, C or C++. Our Bulk SMS Gateway provides you the means for sending bulk sms through your SMTP server by triggering an email using our Bulk SMS SMTP API for sending bulk messages. Our Bulk SMS SMPP Connection helps you to send mass sms over reliable and secure network at an very fast speed and provides you online delievery reports that could be used to track when the sms was actually deliever to the mobile user.

SMS Surveys

Using our Bulk SMS Gateway you could run Bulk SMS Survey for your products and services sold and promoted by you. It could help you to collect data for further promotion of your products and improvement of services given by you. Bulk SMS surveying helps you to know what your customer is thinking about your products. You could integrate your surveys with our Bulk SMS Campaigns for gathering important results from the mobile users based on the different surveys being run by you.

SMS Pollings

Bulk SMS Polling through our bulk sms gateway helps you to send and receive sms from mobile users that helps you to know the public opinion about your polls being run for better results. SMS Polling helps you to engage supporters and attract new users or audiences. It could help you to ask several questions for opinions about your products, services or controversial issues. Polling doesnt helps you with the feedback but helps you to gain better relationship with your customers.

Bulk SMS Polling helps you to generate mobile numbers for future communication and engagement of audiences. It also helps you to learn more about the market segments by presenting you an informal sense of views from different mobile users.

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